Community Road Safety

Concerned about the community road safety in your area? Request enforcement and be a local hero.

Speeding Concerns

The local Safety Camera Scheme receives regular queries from communities and individuals, requesting speed enforcement on roads that are not currently approved camera sites.

If your enforcement request relates to roads outside the Leicestershire Police force area – which includes Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – please contact the relevant Police force, local authority or Road Safety Partnership directly.

Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch program is run by trained volunteers to help reduce excessive speeding problems in their community. The scheme aims to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and help control the problem locally, using a combination of poster campaigns and a pledge system linked to direct action using hand held laser speed meters and Vehicle Activated Signs.

More information on the scheme can be found at

How We Can Respond

When the Safety Camera Scheme receives a ‘Community Concern’ request, we will look at the latest vehicle speeds at the relevant location, in some cases this may include deployment of a covert roadside speed survey. The scheme’s policy for enforcement requires there to be both a history of injury collisions and evidence of speeding problems collision history before a speed camera can be deployed.

If data from the speed survey reveals that speeding is not a problem no further action will be taken. If there is both a speeding problem and recent injury collision history at the site, the location will be added to our ‘Community Concern’ site list and will be scheduled for enforcement. This will be subject to suitable and safe parking locations.

If there is evidence of a speeding problem, but no recent injury collision history at a site, the data will be passed to Traffic Management at Leicestershire Police, who will request speed enforcement from Police Officers from the Local Beat Team, Police Safer Roads Team and / or other Units.

Share the Road

Share the Road signs help alert motorists to the presence of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and horse riders, please email: with those roadside locations which you feel would benefit from this signage.

Report a road traffic incident

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic incident, or think you might have witnessed an offence on the roads, find out how to report it here.

Community Concern Site Request

If you wish to report a speeding concern in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland only, fill in the form below and the Safety Camera Scheme will follow up it up:

  • Include start and end point of length of road.
  • The Problem

    To help us investigate your concerns as fully as possible, please give details of any specific problems experiences at this site.
  • Which day(s) of the week do the problems usually occur?
  • Which time(s) of the day do the problems usually occur?
  • Enter specific events/ problems
  • Which type(s) of vehicle are involved?
  • Please include any other information you feel is important

    If you wish to receive feedback after we have visited the site, please provide your contact details (this is optional).

Camera Locations

Comprehensive, regularly updated listings of all temporary and fixed speed cameras in the region.

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