E-scooters and the law

Understand the rules around e-scooters

Your e-scooter could be seized

There is lots of speculation around e-scooters and how they should be used currently. Below you can find exactly what the current rules and regulations regarding e-scooters are. As it stands, privately owned e-scooters are entirely illegal to ride on public pavement or roads. This also includes anywhere but on your own private property. There are many major retailers currently selling e-scooters and you may be tempted to buy one. Before you do, we strongly advise that you read the below so that you’re completely up to date with the current laws surrounding e-scooters in the UK.


Why are e-scooters illegal?

  • Speed & Manoeuvrability. Some e-scooters can go up to 60mph and this makes them far too dangerous for both yourself and others.


  • E-scooters are very quiet, this means, pedestrians cannot hear you. E-scooters often make little to no noise when moving.


  • E-scooters often have no lights, This means pedestrians cannot see you; especially in the dark. In addition, as e-scooters are so small; in comparison to a motorbike or car, they are practically impossible to see in the dark without any reflective material or lights.


If you ignore the law

  • Your e-scooter can be seized by the local authorities permanently. Depending on the circumstances, this could happen on your first or second offence. Avoid the risk totally by opting to not buy an e-scooter unless you have lots of private land to ride it on.



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