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Red Means Stop

There’s never, ever any valid excuse for running a red light. If you saw the consequences, you’d drive more carefully.

You Know When to Stop – Don’t Run Red Lights or end up with a red light offence penalty.

Any motorist with a driving licence knows what a red light means. Red lights serve a critically important road safety role across the UK and the rest of the world. Red means stop.

Sadly, evidence suggests that the problem with motorists running red lights may actually be getting worse. It only takes one bad decision to destroy or even end any number of lives, simply by failing to stop when required. If you run a red light – even accidentally – you bear 100% of the responsibility for the consequences.

The Reality


Red light running has become an increasingly common problem.


In the last 5 years, there have been nearly 300 collisions in the area because of motorists disobeying traffic signals.


These crashes resulted in nearly 450 casualties; 3 of these were fatal.


The figures don’t take into account ‘near misses’ or ‘near hits’

Know your limits


You are breaking the law if you run a red light


There is never any excuse for running red lights


Running temporary and mobile red lights is also illegal


The consequences

Red light penalties may include:

  • White tick icon The maximum penalty for running a red light is a £1,000 fine
  • White tick icon Fixed Penalty fines of £100 are issued for running red lights
  • White tick icon 3 or 6 penalty points are endorsed on the driver’s licence

What you should consider

A spokesperson for the Safety Camera Scheme said:

“We are disappointed that red light running offences have not reduced significantly over the years. We all observe the problem on our roads everyday; cars trying to ‘sneak through’ or accelerating as the traffic lights are turning red. This campaign aims to make people think carefully about the dangers of taking risks at traffic signals and bring about a positive change in behaviour.”

Although people are being caught breaking the law, there doesn’t seem to be positive trend in the reduction of red light running.


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